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What We Offer

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Yonina Live Concert
 A live musical performance as a duo or full band

We believe music is much more than entertainment. It is a powerful tool that opens the heart and  connects between people and ideas. Our concerts combine Israeli, Jewish and international songs with our own original music, in English and in Hebrew. Throughout the concert we also share personal stories and ideas behind the songs we sing.

We perform as an acoustic duo or with a band of talented musicians, both in Israel and around the world. 

Virtual Concerts & Musical Tours

Thanks to COVID. we were introduced to the world of Zoom and virtual performances. We have a high quality music studio from which we live-stream our virtual events, This allows us to easily cross over borders and geographic distances. During our virtual concerts & virtual musical tour of Jerusalem, we interact with the audience through the chat, have an active Q & A and take requests for songs.  

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Yonina Musical Tours

We believe touring around Israel isn't only about learning, rather also connecting.

On our musical tours we visit fascinating sites, share their history and sing songs that relate to the stories, ideas and places we visit.

We lead musical tours around the old city of Jerusalem, Caesarea, Tzfat and more.

(Yoni is a licensed tour guide) 


There's nothing like joining a community for a whole weekend experiencing a full Shabbat together. Going into Shabbat with a musical "Kaballat Shabbat", rejoicing at Shabbat meals with songs, and a Friday-Night "Tish" with songs and inspiring stories , As a Ba'al Tfila (a cantor) Yoni can lead the Tfilot (prayers), and we're open to giving over a workshop or lecture throughout the weekend as well, and of course finish up with a lively musical Havdallah.

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NEW ALBUM- Now available
On digital download or CD
-האלבום החדש שלנו- ״משהו באמצע״

זמין להורדה או לרכישת אלבום פיזי

Digital Download :לאלבום דיגיטלי 

Order CD - Physical Album לרכישת דיסק -אלבום פיזי

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